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“Absolutely satisfied with Summit. My horse has never ran harder or better, she wasn’t fully extending and now she is. I’m having a hard time keeping up with her on the barrels! Just want to say thank you.”

Brittany Ann S

“My 11 year old Mastiff, Guido, was on his last year at best. He was steadily declining in his mobility. We’d have to force him to get up in the morning to go to the bathroom, and then he would stay lying down all day long. Guido got his first injection of Summit Canine at 11pm, at 7am the next morning, he hopped off his dog bed and trotted out the front door. He trots around now instead of just lying around. It really works quickly.  It’s much more affordable than other drugs. We’re using it on our horses now too!”

Devon D

“Ben is 2000 German sport pony. When he was 2, he was German sport pony of the year in Germany. Then he was imported to Canada where he’s produced top babies all over the country. He showed up through 3rd level…. winning awards and titles everywhere. After bens owner had to have his hips replaced he sat in a field. For a few years. We bought Ben when he was 17 and hadn’t done anything for the last 5 years. Ben was meant to be a training level mount for my wife. Ben decided that wasn’t acceptable. So I started working with him hoping to acquire my bronze. Not only have we accomplished that, we’re almost finished with my silver. Ben has never been off or lame, but he didn’t show the capabilities to produce the work for PSG level showing. 
I started him on summit this winter and that’s all changed. I now a 19 year old-chestnut-still-thinks-he’s-a-stallion-pony beast on my hands that goes like there’s nothing stopping him. He moves like a mini warmblood. He acts like he’s the shit. And he kills it in the ring. Most times (some days he’s still a chestnut pony 🙄) He wins his classes. He won the pony cup in Georgia. And the pony award. And the list goes on. 
Summit has turned him into a new animal and has made the possibility of achieving my silver this year a reality.”

Ashley M

“I give Summit to my reining mare Miss America registered name Revolutionary Star. It keeps her supple and fluid. We recently started showing Ranch Riding classes and I feel it really helps her stretch out for extended trotting.”

Trisha P

“Meet Charlie aka DiCaprio CM. Charlie is my daughter’s first BigEq horse. She met him just after she lost her best friend, an older pony named Willie, who was a mini version personality and looks-wise of Charlie. She was extremely sad to lose her buddy, but when she met Charlie she told me that: “Willie must have sent him from heaven to be her new best friend!” 🙂 Charlie is 16 yrs. old this year, we have now had him for over a year and per the suggestion of our trainer, we have been maintaining Charlie on Summit Joint. It is essential that we take care of this big boy so that he happily and comfortably can continue doing his job in the BigEq!”


“Summit has definitely added the last years of Pancake’s life. I see results right away after her Summit injections. She is a sweetheart and everyone who meets her falls for her! She enjoys interacting with people. And it’s so sad to think of putting an animal down due to arthritis, but that was where my head was at last spring. Thank you Summit for helping our Pancake!”

Kathryn D.

“My sons barrel horse is 18, struggling with neck arthritis and wouldn’t turn tight for him. After trying multiple exercises and things to lessen her neck, nothing seemed to help. Thinking we would have to retire her, we reached out to Summit to see if the injections would help. 

After the loading dose, she was a happier horse and could flex and turn like she was 10 again! We are so thankful to Summit for such an awesome product that has put “Java” and Cody back into competition.”

Kristy C

“Summit has proven to be a superior product for systemic treatment of arthritis in both our Small Animal and Equine patients.  All clients using Summit have noticed a big improvement in comfort with their companion animals and improved performance in their Equine athlete.”

Brian Garrett, DVM

“My 14 year old gelding started on Summit about 6 months ago, and has definitely shown improvement in his comfort and abilities after the first loading dose. I am impressed! He has actively fusing hocks, which was a big reason I was excited to try Summit. Since he started Summit, I have been able to take him off of other products, which is  very exciting. Under saddle he has shown greater elasticity, improved range of motion, and lighter in the bridle. He is schooling all of his second level movements now, able to do things he previously resisted due to pain, most likely. I am thrilled to see these positive changes in my horse, his  comfort means everything to me! Thank you, Summit, for a product that gives my guy the edge he needed.”

Jen and Otter

“When I bought my horse Wyatt, it was purely about buying a horse I loved. What I did not consider, was why he was so lazy, and something seemed hard for him to do, even if he would do his best to do them. At first, he just needed hock injections, but then I was finding that didn’t seem like enough, he was still feeling “stuck”. The vet came out and we injected his SI as well, and I had a happier, freer moving horse. But then we moved to Alaska. And, while we have met a great team of vets, getting all the injections he once received is no longer an option. I was weighing all my options when a friend told me to try Summit. I could not believe the difference it made for him. He went from being overdue for his joint injections and feeling sticky and sometimes sore behind, to happy, smooth and moving forward with ease. When we jump now, I’m not pushing him around the course, he is excited and moving forward. We love Summit! It is a much more affordable, and less invasive way to help Wyatt and I reach our dreams.”

Allie C and Wyatt

“I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Jackson.  Jackson is our 8-year-old jumper/eventer.  Why is he special?  Jackson was found in a junkyard in Florida at a very young age.  He is very special because he has taught me so much.  I started working with Jackson doing smaller jumps and now we jump 3’ and higher.  He is competitive like me and I feel he will take me over any jump that I ask.  He trusts me and I trust him.   

We use Summit Joint Performance twice a month.  When he was a rescue he was starved and did not get the nutrition he needs.  Today he gets quality hay and feed and his regular Summit shots.  He is a smaller horse (just over 14.2) and has a compact build.  Since he has been on Summit you could see a change.  He has stopped pinning his ears, does not get stiff and he is happy to do his job. I am lucky to have him.  Thank you Summit for making him feel like the champion he is!”

Sophie S.

“My Miracle. I qualified for The Southern Rodeo Association Finals barrel racing in the #1 spot in November. In October my horse had injured himself. I was devastated. Found out he had cracked his pelvis. I went to my finals and had a less that spectacular showing. I ended up placing fourth for the year. My vet had said he didn’t know if my horse would be “what he was” because he now had a spur because of the injury. We did a bunch of stuff but I still was not having my “normal” awesome runs.
I decided I would try Summit Joint Performance. After just 2 shots my horse was once again what “he used to be.” We went back to winning/placing like before his injury. I can’t thank y’all enough for this wonderful product and the awesome customer service! P.S. My horse is 17 and was chosen for SRA  Barrel horse of the year!”

Sherri C

“I had a mare who suffered a laminitic episode in June of 2017. It was a long hard road and took a village to save this mare’s life. One is also concerned with the level of quality of life a horse will have after such an occurrence. I had a hard time getting this mare off of the Bute treatment plan without slight relapses. In all honesty, when Summit was first brought to my attention, I refused to put this horse on it due to all we had been through with her in her recovery. So, I tested it on a pony I had who had some arthritis issues. When I saw the improvement in him, I took the plunge with my mare. I can attest that I have not given this mare even one gram of Bute since her first Summit dose. She has been on Summit for over a year now. I can’t say that she would be here if it weren’t for Summit getting us through. She is well and thriving. In fact, she moves more freely and fluid than ever.”

Maggie C

“This is Expressiv pictured with her tiny friends Elmo and Gala.  Expressiv, known as Spree to her friends, is now 18 years old.  She has competed through FEI Intermediare 1 in dressage.  That is a huge accomplishment for her since she lacerated a front flexor tendon at just before 2 years old.  I was actually told she would never be a riding horse due to her injury.  As she has gotten older, I have noticed she is having more problems with the level of work she is doing and decided that she will probably never return to the show ring.  I know she has to have some arthritis due to her injury.  I started her on the loading dose in May and then monthly doses.  Since then I have noticed that she is having a much easier time with the level of collection required at FEI levels.  While she may never return to the show ring, I am not entirely ruling that out at this point.  She is a horse that loves to work and would not just go out to pasture and retire well. She can now continue to enjoy her work and she has an easier time with it.”

Tammy O

“I have a 20 quarter horse that has been rode hard and put up wet prior to coming to me. He worked cows and came with many scars. He had difficulty loading into my step up trailer. He would have to hop his back legs in like a bunny. He would be stiff and have difficulty getting up from laying down. He has had the loading dose and 3 months of follow up doses. He is now moving like a frisky 10 year old. Thank you Summit for this amazing product. I have arthritis myself and I know the the relief my horse is feeling. I wish they had this for people too!”


“Summit Joint Performance keeps my Awesome Lindy feeling at his best!! I’ve seen a huge change in his performance and overall attitude by 1 simple monthly injection. Summit keeps him limber and his mobility on point, whether it be weekend barrel races, or 3 day shows (when he has to be stalled). He has a huge heart and always gives me his all come show time and I want to make sure I provide him with nothing but the best! Less pain for him means a horse with better concentration and more willingness to succeed at his best for me!! Thank you Summit for providing my horse with the greatest, affordable joint injection out there!!”

Ashley S

“This is my horse Asriel, he has severe kissing spine, 7 overlapping vertebrae that was diagnosed last spring. Originally this diagnosis did not seem like he would be able to continue his performance career. With the help of Summit Joint Performance, amazing veterinarians, and experienced trainers I was able to slowly bring Zee back to work last winter. He is now back in action jumping again, pain free. He has been in daily work for the past 9 months, thank you!”

Jackie F

“His name is Ernestly Special. In 2011 he had a clean sweep at the Florida NBHA State Finals. Won both goes, won the Finals and won the Seniors. No horse had ever done that, before or after.   In May 2017 he was diagnosed with an arthritic stifle and he was dead lame, crippled!   No treatment helped him at all. Bute, Previcox, nothing helped his pain either. He was so bad that every day I cried watching him, we were just waiting for him to tell us it was time to let him go. Dorian Farmer suggested we give him a Summit shot weekly for a few months, then start tapering off. We did that and today he looks great! He gets a shot every 3 weeks, he’s gone from barely able to get around to rearing, playing and every once in awhile RUNNING around the pasture! 💜😊 His muscle atrophy from lack of use in his left hip has gone away and he’s even again! We have all our horses on it….. Because of what we see with Ernest! We know it works, thanks for such a great product!”

Dodie R

“A couple of months ago I was talking with my trainer, Holly, about how I was concerned with taking my mare to the next level. She is an 18 year old Hanoverian that I am hoping to achieve my USDF bronze medal on. This is when my trainer had brought up Summit Joint Performance to my attention and told me I should try it. That night I bought my first loading doses and within a few days I had my order. Even after the very first dose I saw a huge difference in Glorie and her attitude towards work. She is happier and more comfortable, and I thank Summit for that. She will never miss a dose again! And we are well on our way to our Bronze medal! Thank you summit for helping my partner/teammate feel her best so we can continue to work hard and achieve our goals together.”

Niki & Glorie

“My mare has a long back and the Summit helps her move more fluidly and perform better at shows.”

Laura R

“I would like to enter Joel Logsdon (8) and his 23-year-old gelding Drifter’s cowkid. “Snip” as well call him has quite a story. He was ridden and owned by Matt Zancanella, as his 2002-2006 NFR heel horse. He was given to Joel by Matt due to the fact that he was no longer sound enough to compete at a professional level. With the help of Summit, Snip is the soundest he has been in years!”

Haley E

“I have waited my entire life to own a horse like Leo. He is patient, kind, forgiving, incredibly athletic, and even more incredibly food motivated! As a school master, he has shown many young riders the ropes of Eventing, and forgiven every mistake made along the way as riders have developed their skills.
At 15, Leo is in regular maintenance therapies including chiropractic care, acupuncture sessions, and magnetic wave treatments. However, after several years of Eventing, I could tell his joint pain was increasing and starting to affect his ability to work. Even with regular therapy sessions, he was not completely comfortable.
After hearing rave reviews from top professional equestrians, I knew I had to try Summit Joint Performance to give Leo the extra help he needs. After the first loading dose, Leo was moving so much better! His flat work was more forward and balanced, and his jumping became smoother as he wasn’t hesitant to load weight onto his hind joints anymore. He is now on regular monthly maintenance doses to ensure he stays comfortable.

Leo owes us nothing, he has given his best effort every day for years. But I owe Leo everything. As an adult amateur late to the game of Eventing and horse ownership,   he has given me more confidence, happiness, and sense of accomplishment than I thought possible. I will do whatever I can to make sure he is comfortable and performing in top shape. That’s why we will always use the best, Summit Joint Performance.”

Nicole K

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