World class summit Riders

McLain Ward

“We have been using Summit products for a little over 8 months now and we have seen a great improvement in our horse’s way of movement and elasticity.”

Rowan Willis

“Blue Movie and all my other top horses are on Summit, it’s helping them a lot. It makes them feel better throughout their bodies. She puts so much effort in every time they jump, it puts a lot of strain on everything, her muscles, ligaments and joints, and it’s certainly given some relief for that. You know, a little inflammation decrease always makes them feel better, so yeah, she’s feeling really good at the moment, probably the best she ever has.”


“I have been using it every week on my horses whether they are young and pushing up the levels, or already showing Grand Prix. I really believe that it has made such a difference in the horse’s comfort level while I’m working them. I think it allows them to recover faster. I think it keeps all of their joints feeling comfortable. So… I am sticking with this product!”


“We are always looking for products and supplements that make our horses feel better. I had heard a lot of good reviews from other riders that were using Summit joint performance and I decided to try the product. I felt instant improvement in my horses and started using it on all of the horses in our barn a couple of months ago. Since then they have started to feel and perform better and better in training and competition. I am delighted to represent a joint product that I have experienced such positive results from and truly believe in!”

Uma O’Neill

“After just a short time using Summit we have noticed an impressive difference with our horses.  We are excited to have found such an effective and easy product, resulting in exceptionally improved movement and performance. We look forward to continuing using the product.”

Quentin Judge

“We started using Summit Joint Performance from the recommendation of one of our veterinarians when we were trying to decrease inflammation and improve mobility in one specific horse. After seeing the dramatic change in that horse, we tried it on a few more horses, then a few more, until we switched our entire operation to be on Summit Joint Performance. We had NO affiliation with Summit Joint Performance at that time and used it purely for the results we were seeing in our horses. Now we are so excited to be part of the Summit Joint Performance team! In our (and just about everyone else who uses it) opinion, it is the best and only choice for joint health and performance! Oh yeah, it’s also great for dogs and it’s so much more cost effective than the well-known brands!”

Tanner Korotkin

“We started using Summit Joint Performance on all of our horses at Castlewood Farm halfway through WEF this season and noticed a huge improvement immediately! I’d recommend this product to anyone on the competitive circuits!”

Ariel Boesener

“I notice such a difference now that my horses are on Summit. They feel supple and loose in the body, making it easier to train at higher levels. Thank you, Summit Joint Performance, for helping my horses stay healthy, happy, comfortable, and performance ready!”